Welcome to the Torrent Finder search engine

Torrent Finder is just a maggot/magnet/torrents search engine under development and was built initially to automate certain procedures that a downloader does every day like visiting torrent web sites, searching for top seeds, searching for new movies to watch, get ideas for music etc. Everything has been bundled into one easy interface.

A search using the search bar above will bring up only seeded maggot/magnet/torrent links taken from various sources. Clicking on the top Movies,Music and similar buttons will pull from reliable sources the top movies, top music and more. Nothing is hosted on this website. Whenever you click a button a minimal php crawler will spider the web for the thing you are looking for and return the results

Technologies used

Only php and css3 has been used to make this website. Elements of the layout and the css are from a template found on the sixrevisions website.

There is no database in this website, except a txt file that holds the recent searches that can be found on the right bar

P2P initiative

Just seed, share and enjoy


currently Torrent Finder spiders diftracker.i2p ,tracker2.postman.i2p and torrfreedom.i2p for magnet, maggot and torrent links. New sources will be added later
You run a website with few torrents for i2p? If you want this search engine to come scrape your site, mail me at comix@mail.i2p